Welcome to Choice Transport

Choice Transport LLC, is a Customer service focused company dedicated to providing safe and timely Non-Emergency Medical Transportation to our customers. Our service is geared towards making our customer experience remarkable by providing the most relaxing and stress-free transportation.

Making sure our clients arrive at their destination on time is our outmost priority. We aim at becoming the best Non-Medical Transportation company in The Greater Louisville Metropolitan area, by having the best trained employees in customer service.

Choice Transport LLC is not just a door-to-door service like some transportation companies, we make sure all of our clients are escorted into their destination. For clients going to a facility we make sure our clients are taken into the facility, and someone working for the facility knows that our clients are there before we leave. This is the difference we have decided to make.

At Choice Transport LLC we understand the love and compassion needed to make our clients experience excellent and remarkable. Our desire to meet our client expectation is driven by a deep seeded mentality of serving others first.